NEW FEATURE, 3/7/2022

From this week on, the weekly Kerman is now opening up a new image submission and voting system which can allow readers to submit and vote on cool ksp screenshots. You can send a Reddit image link to our submission tab, which will then be sent to us. we will screen them for anything that does not involve ksp. then it will be put up on a new voting tab on our new website where you guys can vote on your favorite.

Interviews, 13/5/2022

As you've probably seen in our latest issues, we're now interviewing ksp content creators. So if you have a ksp youtube channel, if you make mods for the game or if you are somehow a kerbal content creator, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to interview you.

Happy pi day!!!, 14/3/2022

The whole weekly kerman issue team wishes to you all a happy pi day.


Urgent Message!!! The newspaper you know and love needs one new worker! If you apply, you will not need to start until late summer. The job you will be tasked with is moving the articles onto the newspaper and arranging the page to look nice. In other words, you will be turning written articles into a newspaper. You will not be paid, but one of the many perks you could gain by taking on the job would be access to the moderator role! If you want to find out more, apply! The job needs a person who is available on Saturday from 4:00 PM EST until the newspaper has the articles in place, or Sunday from around 10:00 AM EST until the newspaper is ready to be read. You also must have a Discord account and join our server with the link on the TWK Reddit page and be contactable at least throughout the entire weekend via Discord. If applying, go to the link featured in the comments section to fill out the Google form doc