Ten people work each week to get the paper done, we have...

redditeer1o1- the fouder of The Weekly Kerman issue (@Poultry man#4036, u/redditeer1o1)

Coyote Foxtrot- Current format editor (@Coyote Foxtrot#5268, u/Coyote-Foxtrot)

FrailFlunky99- moral support (@FrailFlunky99#5492, u/FrailFlunky99)

Slyfoxien- helps with format editing and with website (@SLYFOXIEN#3067, u/Slyfoxien1)

WVAG- works on the lore of the week segment (@WVAG#0754)

Pacific- advertisement department and website (@Pacifi>

Giack- advertisement department and host of the webiste (@GIACK456#6214, u/Giacky456)

Astro Ayan- creator of discord server (@AstroAyaan#9803)

Dieguillo- format editor (@Dieguillo#4823)

Khosh- creats Weekly Crosswords (@Khoshekh2#8609)

Omoz- works on interviews (@Omoz#5297)


What is The Weekly Kerman?

The Weekly Kerman Issue is a newspaper made by KSP community. We make articles about what happens in the KSP subreddit, kerbalX statistics, math behind orbital mechanics and stories submitted by community. Most stories that you can see in our papers are submitted by community on: TWK discord server, reddit and website. New issues are released on Sundays at 3PM EST(8PM UTC).